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More Control.
Happier Clients.

You control the set-up and the client
experience... for every client. Managing
the books has never been so smooth!

Features & Add-Ons

Help your clients do more with QuickBooks Online

Running payroll directly in QuickBooks Online is the
easiest way to streamline your tasks1

See how you can benefit
when your client uses QuickBooks Payroll

Run payroll in 3 steps
Simply enter your employees' payroll information, and their hours, and hit Submit.

Avoid errors
Skip the risky manual entry and let QuickBooks accurately fill in your payroll tax forms.

Prepare for year-end
QuickBooks Payroll tracks your payroll taxes automatically, making them simple to remit.
Create and print cheques right in QuickBooks

Payroll cheque payments are automatically recorded in QuickBooks Online.
Order customized cheques here.

How to turn on Payroll

It only takes a few minutes to get started,
and you'll be running payroll in no time.

Login to QuickBooks Online and click the Employees tab.

Click on
"Get Started with Payroll".

Answer a few questions and run your first payroll.

Web and Mobile Apps

Help your clients streamline workflow and get even more out of our cloud solutions with apps specifically designed to work with Intuit products. If your clients need to track jobs and billable time, manage customers or gain better insights into their businesses—there's an app to suit their needs.

Receipt Bank

Eliminate your paperwork and data entry with Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank converts key information from your bills, receipts and invoices into data you and your company can use - hours of receipt management done in minutes.

Become a Receipt Bank Partner, and you’re entitled to FREE Receipt Bank processing for your own practice’s receipts and invoices for the lifetime of the account. You’ll also receive your first 3 clients for FREE for 2 months!

Learn more about our exclusive new offer from Receipt Bank ›

Track employee time with Tsheets

Clients can clock in from anywhere, see who's working where and on which projects, easily approve timesheets—and sync with QuickBooks for payroll or expenses.

Are you a ProAdvisor? Sign up to become a Tsheets PRO and get a FREE Tsheets account, discounts for your clients, FREE unlimited support, and a 20% commission!

Learn more about our exclusive new offer from Tsheets ›
Invoice Sherpa

Get paid faster with InvoiceSherpa

InvoiceSherpa was designed to with one goal in mind: to get you paid faster. Automatically send out branded reminders & thank-yous to your customers before and after their invoices are due.

Learn more ›

Important Offer Details, Disclaimers/Footnotes

Upon activation of the QuickBooks Online Payroll service, your subsequent monthly charges will be $20/month in addition to your QuickBooks Online subscription cost, plus all applicable taxes, until you cancel. To cancel your subscription, contact us here. An additional fee of $2.00/month for each employee you pay using QuickBooks Online Payroll will be waived until April 30, 2019. A valid credit card is required to continue using QuickBooks Online Payroll. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.