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Accountant Toolbox

We've put your most essential tools - the ones you use every day to support your clients - in one consistent place, no matter whose books you're working on.

What will you find in the Accountant Toolbox?

Even when you're inside a client's books, you can always click
on the icon at the top of your dashboard to access:

Stay organized by quickly reclassifying amounts from one account to another.
Reclassify multiple transactions at once instead of one by one, saving valuable time.
Remove invoices from your sub-ledger and reverse any revenue amount with a few clicks.
Built-in reports provide up-to-date data so you and your clients can plan for tomorrow.
Journal entries
reclassify transactions
Write off invoices
Accountant reports

What can the Management Reports feature do for you?

Free up more time to advise clients. With the Management Reports feature you can:

Choose either the Basic Company Financials or the Expanded Company Financials template as a starting point and then edit and save modified templates for future use.
Add a cover page, a table of contents and any number of preliminary pages, then use the built-in text editor to create the content you need.
Use the drop-down menu to add or remove reports, and add even more customization with over 40 report options to choose from.
Add summaries to any report, including an optional breakdown of sub-accounts.
Use "Advanced Settings" to add optional details like accountant name, firm name and report end date.
Once the edits are complete it's simple to print, preview or export as a Word document or PDF and send to a client. And once an existing template has been edited, it can be saved for use with future clients.
Customize templates
Create introductory pages
Choose report options
Personalize endnotes
Include finishing touches
Easily save and share with clients

Start creating your own professional report packs today.

Here are two simple ways to access Management Reports inside QuickBooks Online Accountant:

Management reports
  1. Open a client's QuickBooks Online file and click on "Reports". Management Reports will be the default selection.
Management reports
  1. Open a client's QuickBooks Online file and click on the Accountant Toolbox icon. Select Management Reports from the drop-down menu.
Stay streamlined

Another way to stay streamlined

Now that you're familiar with how to access the toolbox from inside a client's books, look at the tab next to it. Use this tab to jump right to another client's books—no need to go back to the dashboard.

See it in action

Learn what you can do with the toolbox, what to expect inside, and how it will enhance the way you work.