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The most efficient way to manage your clients' books.

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Manage your practice

Simplify your workflows and manage projects within QuickBooks Online Accountant.
Create tasks, communicate with clients, and share documents in an accessible and organized space.

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QuickBooks Online Accountant

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Features that save you time

QuickBooks Online Accountant gives you accountant tools to boost efficiency, plus all of the features in QuickBooks Online

Monitoring your practice’s progress has never been easier thanks to our dashboard that puts you in control. Whether you need to see the most urgent activities to complete or a summary of a particular client’s status, QuickBooks Online Accountants’ dashboard has been designed to save you time to grow your practice
Keep sensitive client information safe with 3 levels of permissions. You control who in your firm can view and/or work on each client’s financials.
See all of your clients books in one view, and get important information such as the last reconciliation date and which books need immediate attention.
Your most common tasks are grouped into one menu that shows up no matter which client's books you're working in. Now you can focus more on doing the work instead of finding the function. Reclassify transactions, write off invoices and more without searching through menus.

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Multi-User Access

Easily invite multiple users to access the books with their own unique login and have them import their clients as well so that there is one centralized repository for everyone.

Simplify with Batches

Save time by reclassifying incorrect transactions and writing off groups of invoices in batches.

Reconcile with Ease

View, troubleshoot, and undo reconciliations with our simplified Reconciliation Snapshot Tool.

Get free access to resources to support
your clients and grow your business

Become a QuickBooks expert with self-paced online training modules and webinars. Training options are available for you, your staff and your clients. By becoming a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you can earn up to 7 CPD credits at home or from the office. Once you are certified, you can promote that knowledge to attract and retain clients to grow your practice.
The My Marketing section, within the ProAdvisor tab, has a host of powerful marketing tools designed to help you promote your practice and attract new clients. You will find numerous professionally designed marketing tools that you can easily customize with your firms logo and information in order to grow your business.
We’re here to help however you need it --over phone, chat or web. Our comprehensive support is available for you and your clients. Easily access support by visiting the Support section of the ProAdvisor tab. You also have dedicated account managers to help you every step of the way.
Get the most out of QuickBooks Online with resources made for you and your clients. In the library, you’ll find a range of assets to help you share and promote the benefits of QuickBooks Online with your clients and networks. Choose from case studies, video guides and white papers you can start sharing straight away!
Take advantage of our Find-An-Accountant Directory to promote your practice to thousands of small businesses. Just complete your profile and you’ll get a listing that can bring in new business.
ProAdvisor Certification
Marketing Tools
ProAdvisor Support Centre
Comprehensive Resources Library
Find-An-Accountant Directory

Just click on the ProAdvisor tab in product.


for accounting professionals

QuickBooks Online Accountant


Plus, you can pass along exclusive QuickBooks Online discounts to your clients. The more clients you have, the more benefits you receive.

Also included:

  • QuickBooks Online Plus file for your company
  • Payroll for your company
  • ProAdvisor benefits, like training, support and Certification
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Your practice runs better with QuickBooks,
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Move your client data for free, with our data migration experts, making the transition easy for you and your clients.

Unlock a range of free training options to suit you, from online self-paced study to classrooms near you.

Gain exclusive accountant-only discounts on QuickBooks for your clients, the best value in the market, with included payroll*

Access free expert accountant phone support from 9am-8pm (EST) Mon-Fri.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I join the QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor Program?

Becoming a Cloud ProAdvisor is simple, because the program is free. Simply sign up for a free account to access the program which automatically grants you access to all program benefits.

Is the Cloud ProAdvisor Program free forever, or is it just a trial?

The Cloud ProAdvisor Program membership is not a trial. QuickBooks Online Accountant and other benefits are free as long as you are a program member.

What's the difference between the programs?

The biggest difference is that the ProAdvisor Program is a paid program, and the Cloud ProAdvisor Program is free - so ProAdvisor Program members can access both the paid benefits of their program and the free benefits of the Cloud program with ease. However, Cloud ProAdvisor Program members are only able to access the benefits of their free program. All of the following are benefits included in the ProAdvisor Program not available to Cloud ProAdvisor Program members:

  • Access to the latest version of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Software ($499.95 value)
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • Exclusive 30% discounts for yourself and clients on QuickBooks desktop products
  • Free live webinar training and certification on QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Payroll
Can I get more information on QuickBooks Online training and certification?

We offer a host of training options to ensure you get the most out of the Cloud ProAdvisor Program and QuickBooks Online. Training is free to all members, and there's also introductory sessions available to non-members who are interested in learning more about the program before signing up.

Certification: All members of the QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor Program are automatically eligible to take the certification exam, after completing the required 7 hours of advanced training.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for the QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor Program?

The terms and conditions for the QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor Program are located here.

How do I join the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program?

To join the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program, you must be a financial services professional in public practice with more than 1 paying client... and you must provide at least one of the following to those clients:

  • Accounting services
  • Tax preparation services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Information technology services

Applying for the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program
Becoming a ProAdvisor is as simple as buying a membership. After you apply, Intuit will contact you to request that you provide us with verification of your professional status. This can be as simple as faxing or emailing us a copy of your letterhead or business card.

What if my practice has multiple partners or employees? Does my membership cover everyone?

For the QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor Program:
Membership to the the Cloud ProAdvisor Program is on an individual basis. The QuickBooks Online Certification and all benefits associated with that certification, is tied to the individual who underwent the certification process and may not be transferred to another individual.

For the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program:
The annual fee for the ProAdvisor program covers membership for one registered individual. QuickBooks software itself is subject to the QuickBooks Software License Agreement and requires one software license for each user within your practice. Software licenses included in the ProAdvisor membership can only be used for partners or employees of your practice. If your company or firm has multiple offices, you will require a membership for each location. Also, certification in the Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program extends only to individuals who successfully complete the exam.

How can I pay for my membership?

To make membership renewal easier, all ProAdvisor Program memberships are on subscription plans. The two options available are monthly and annual subscriptions.

Monthly subscription: The total cost for the monthly membership is the same as the annual auto-renewal membership; you will be billed monthly for 1/12th of the total cost. After a year, your membership will be renewed, and you'll continue to be billed automatically.

Annual subscription: With this membership, you'll pay for one year of the ProAdvisor program upfront. After a year, your membership will be renewed and you'll be billed automatically - never worry again that your membership may be expiring soon.

If you wish to switch your membership option or cancel your membership at any time, call 1-800-452-9970 to make arrangements with a service representative.

How can I renew my membership?

You don't need to. All ProAdvisor memberships are on automatic subscriptions. So you don't need to worry about ever missing a payment or not being on the most recent version of the software.

Can I get more information on QuickBooks training and certification?

Certification is available for ProAdvisors looking for advanced training or the the opportunity to distinguish themselves as QuickBooks experts.

About the program
Based on your feedback, we've developed Certified ProAdvisor Programs to help you take advantage of newer, better & more convenient training resources.

Who can take the exam?
All members of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program and QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor Program are automatically eligible to take certification exams. The certifications available in each program are:

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program: QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor Program: QuickBooks Online.

Why should you complete the Certified ProAdvisor Program?

Once you've successfully completed a certification exam, you will be provided with the 'earned' certification logo to use on your business cards, website and email signature — so you can quickly highlight your expertise for potential clients.

Can I use the QuickBooks name in my advertising and sales materials?

QuickBooks ProAdvisors may use the QuickBooks name in advertising, brochures or sales materials. However, ProAdvisors cannot use Intuit Canada's brands in logo form (i.e., as they appear on packaging and other materials). Only plain-text displays of the software names are allowed.
Read more in our Terms & Conditions

Where can I find the terms and conditions for the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program?

The terms and conditions for the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program are located here.

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Important pricing terms, offer details and disclosures

* Upon activation of the QuickBooks Online Payroll service, your subsequent monthly charges will be $20/month in addition to your QuickBooks Online subscription cost, plus all applicable taxes, until you cancel. To cancel your subscription, contact us here. An additional fee of $2.00/month for each employee you pay using QuickBooks Online Payroll will be waived until February 28, 2018. A valid credit card is required to continue using QuickBooks Online Payroll. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.