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QuickBooks Accountant 2014 – new features to boost efficiency!

More data and fewer entries.

Use Batch Enter Transactions to enter multiple transactions into
QuickBooks from Excel on one screen built for speed.

Reclassify in batches.

Improve productivity by entering 100+ bills and invoices on one screen.

Import in bulk.

Paste 1,000+ transactions from Excel and spend the time you save on 1,000+ other things.

Enter data faster.

Easily add or delete fields to create your perfect data entry screen.

Find and fix client errors faster.

See how you'll spend less time with chequing transactions.

Reassign chequing in just clicks.

Instantly identify cheques written from the wrong account and reassign to the right bank account.

Handle bounced cheques with ease.

This new tool marks invoices unpaid, makes appropriate adjustments, and helps charge a "bounced cheque fee".

Send journal entries directly from QuickBooks.

Make journal entries simple for you and your clients - no PDFs, print outs or file transfers needed.

Email entries.

Attach Journal Entries to ready-made emails that you and your clients can collaborate on.

Import with a click.

Eliminates messy file transfers for you and simplifies the service you provide your clients.

Time-saving benefits help make you more productive.

Create faster Excel entries

Use a Batch Transaction Entry to enter multiple transactions into QuickBooks from Excel in a single step.

Make fewer corrections

Client Data Review provides access to powerful tools that help you find and fix the most common client errors.

Email journal entries

Automatically send entries right from QuickBooks so clients can import with just a click.

Work smarter with clients

Find the right file and launch the same QuickBooks version as your clients with QuickBooks File Manager.

Edit two files at once

Multi-Instance can boost efficiency with the ability to simultaneously work on two company files.

Customize your statements

Design customized financial statements, supporting documents and management letters automatically.

Work faster with templates

Quickly set up new clients using templates. Improved design makes it easy to navigate without searching drop-down menus.

Find features fast

The QuickBooks Accountant Centre provides one-click access to the features you use most.



See what's new in 2014 (PDF)

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In addition to QuickBooks Accountant 2014, when you join the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program
you also receive these other great Intuit products and support – FREE!

QuickBooks Online Accountant

Working in the cloud brings you better client collaboration, insights and expertise.

  • Access accounts securely wherever you are in one click
  • Partner with your clients to view and update data
  • Provide better insights and service to your clients

QuickBooks Payroll

Complete your payroll fast, track remittances and be ready for year's end.

  • Manage and remit payroll taxes in just a few clicks
  • Stay up-to-date and compliant
  • Organize payroll information and tasks all on one screen

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions (single-user, non-networked) has the power and flexibility larger businesses need.

  • See data the way you want with the most customizable reporting tools
  • Combine reports from multiple company files
  • Review key tasks and see how they're related

Quicken Home & Business

Manage personal, business and investments finances to make better decisions.

  • Organizes finances by bringing online accounts together
  • Over 40 finance & budgeting reports
  • Plan & manage business taxes and review business tax deduction summaries

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